Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Monday, March 19, 2007

CCP #7 - Whyaduck.com for sale; Topper remake; Amos n Andy; Little Rascals/Our Gang; England; adding sound clips; NPR article on restoring film sound

(I finally finished edited and uploading this episode. Sorry for the wait!)

I talk about the selling of Whyaduck.com and more information on Topper. Angie joins us again! I talk about Classic Comedy Teams documentary hosted by Steve Allen and go into a little of the teams listed there. I talk about my visit to Ulverston England (Stan Laurel's birthplace) and the part of London that Chaplin is from. Judd joins us again, and we talk about adding sound clips to the show, an NPR article (spending some time trying to find it), and a little more off-topic about Judd's Toastmaster podcast. To listen this and future edited versions only, please subscribe to feeds.feedburner.com/ComedyClassicsPodcast

I'll add links from the show soon.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

CCP #6 - (final cut) Buster Keaton's death; Chaplin's Modern Times & his studio; Topper

Recorded Feb 16, 2007 -

I give my apologies for not having a show the previous week. I observe the 41st anniversary of Buster Keaton's passing; I mention upcoming birthdays of Lou Costello and Jerry Lewis; I go into Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times and a little history of his studio; Judd joins and we discuss Chaplin's speech at the end of the Great Dictator and the appearances of classic comedy in recent movies and tv; Judd mentions the old time radio, movie, and tv series Topper; with plow13 we go into some off-topic talk about 8-tracks, CDs, and records; I talk about how to subscribe to this show with iTunes; and we end the show with another off-topic discussion about Toastmasters and how that can help podcasters

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Buster Keaton on Find a Grave
Chaplin Sutdio history
Official Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store
Topper links at IMDB for one of the movies and Wikipedia for the tv series
Joan of Arcadia opening theme featuring Harold Lloyd and the Three Stooges
ToastMasters International

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

CCP #6 - (uncut) Buster Keaton's death; Chaplin's Modern Times & his studio; Topper

This is the uncut version of #6.. I plan to edit it soon. I talk about the belated anniversary of Buster Keaton's passing (Feb 1), Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times and his studio; Topper (a hauntingly funny series from radio and movies); upcoming birthdays of Jerry Lewis and Lou Costello; and a off topic discussion about Toastmasters. Edited version will be released later with better shownotes including links, and I'll make the Toastmaster discussion a separate episode since it's off topic but can be very useful to people.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

#5 - Tom Smothers 70th birthday, Chaplin "Forgotten Years" documentary, Abbott and Costello Feb radio show, Chaplin documentaries and anniversaries

We go into Unknown Chaplin DVD and the Forgotten Years, then Abbott & Costello's official site's February's old time radio release. And I talk about Tom Smothers turning 70 and a short bio of him, and how the Smothers Brothers have affected my appreciation of classic comedy. And I forgot to mention the Yo-Yo Man! Shame on me.

Links mentioned:

Abbott & Costello's official site - http://www.abbottandcostello.net
Click "Radio Shows" to go listen to this month's Bud & Lou's radio show

Smothers Brothers official site - http://www.smothersbrothers.com

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

#4 - Buster Keaton and Groucho Marx books; some more OTR, a Chaplin reading

Finally got #4 done!

I talk about Buster Keaton: Tempest in a Flat by Edward M. Pherson and Groucho: a Photographic Journey by Arthur Marx. I mention the upcoming book by Harpo Marx's son Bill named Son of Harpo Marx Speaks. Angie talks a little more about her Modern Times DVD, I talk about Abbott & Costello, particularly the Chaplin/Costello connection. From #2, we continue to talk about old time radio a little more. After Angie loses her phone connection I talk about Victor Borge and read a little from Chaplin's autobiography, My Autobiography. Remember to vote for us on Digg.com!

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